Hermes 2

Marketing is essentially about the stories which are narrated. And who better a storyteller than the Greek God Hermes himself, popularly known for charming the others with his spellbinding narration.

Do you think you are capable of weaving a story so utterly fascinating that it would make the divine Hermes sit up and take notice?

The inventor of speech, the patron of languages, rhetoric and wit, Hermes was the God of trade, travellers, sports and border crossings. He was also the Messenger of the Gods who was tasked with relaying their messages to the mortals which is a skill of importance to the modern-day marketeer to effectively communicate the intended message to their target customers.

To become worthy of being crowed as his successor, one needs an ability to plan, strategize, create campaigns, execute and optimise in order to transcend the barriers and cross the boundaries set in the business world.

If you think you are worthy, then step into your winged sandals and be the revolution that the market needs.